Teaching and Learning

Time and Change Strategic Plan

What is our aspiration?

Ohio State will be an exemplar of the best teaching, demonstrating leadership by adopting innovative, at-scale approaches to teaching and learning to improve student outcomes.

Why is this important?

Teaching and learning are cornerstones of Ohio State's mission and critical for student success. In a time of rapidly changing teaching and learning practices, Ohio State strives to be at the forefront of researching, adopting and creating practices that improve student success in the classroom and beyond.

While some public universities have centers for teaching and learning, Ohio State has an opportunity to demonstrate leadership at a national level by adopting pioneering, at-scale approaches and measuring their effectiveness. The benefits to our students will be significant — not just through a more effective classroom experience, but also faster time to degree completion, which translates into less debt.


  • Achieve broadest possible participation in high-quality professional development programs for teachers
  • Recognize and reward excellence among our teachers
  • Staff critical courses in line with demonstrated teaching excellence
  • Gain a pre-eminent external reputation as a leader and innovator in teaching and learning practices, scholarship and outcomes

Strategic plan resources

Our ambitions are bold because that is the Ohio State way. Our responsibility is great because families in Ohio and beyond require us to be the very best we can be. Our future is bright because we are Buckeyes — and we have 150 years of excellence to help light the way.