Time and Change
Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship

What is our aspiration?

Ohio State will be an exemplar of best practices in resource stewardship, operational effectiveness, efficiency and innovation.

Why is this important?

Operational excellence is foundational to the success of our strategic vision for the future. The university must be a responsible steward of its resources in order to re-direct investment into initiatives that will help us to achieve our bold aspirations.

We have the opportunity to operate more efficiently while also operating more effectively. We can work smarter to deliver even better service levels at lower cost.


  • Capture hundreds of millions in savings at the university and the Wexner Medical Center over seven years for strategic uses

  • Realize significant improvements in end-user service levels (e.g., project timelines, turnaround times, self-service)

  • Simplify core processes and streamline financial mechanisms to create unprecedented transparency and agility

  • Capture hundreds of millions in innovative revenue-generation opportunities and the required funds to fuel our strategy through a bold new fundraising campaign

  • Maintain levels of local, state and federal support and capture new local, state and federal opportunities for capital projects


An aerial view of Ohio State's Oval
Oct 04, 2019

Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign strives to engage 1M supporters

The Ohio State University launched the public phase of Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign, the most ambitious, inclusive community-building and fundraising endeavor in the university’s 150 years of making history.
Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship
The Oval
Mar 04, 2019

Analysis: Ohio State generates $15.2 billion in economic impact annually for the state

The university retained the consulting firm Tripp Umbach to complete an economic and community impact study for Fiscal Year 2018
Operational Excellence and Resource Stewardship

Strategic plan resources

Our ambitions are bold because that is the Ohio State way. Our responsibility is great because families in Ohio and beyond require us to be the very best we can be. Our future is bright because we are Buckeyes — and we have 150 years of excellence to help light the way.

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