Time and Change
Research and Creative Expression

What is our aspiration?

Ohio State will enhance our position among the top national and international public universities in research and creative expression, both across the institution and in targeted fields – driving significant advances for critical societal challenges.

Why is this important?

Ohio State’s tradition of collaboration and innovation has set us apart and fostered intellectual curiosity and high-impact research for generations. Our university’s strength lies in the extraordinary breadth and scale of our research efforts. Ohio State is committed to convening the greatest minds to push the boundaries of fundamental and translational research and solve societal challenges.


  • Attract, retain and support leading national scholars and rising stars in newly designed professorship program

  • Be a national leader in prioritized research and creative expression areas that will drive positive societal impact and in which we have an opportunity to make a difference

  • Provide world-class support and enhance accountability for our faculty researchers


Photo of assistant professor Natalie Hull
Sep 27, 2019

A sustainable solution for safer drinking water

People who get their water from rural, small water systems are at a greater health risk of exposure to bacteria and other harmful pathogens, according to a recent study.
Research and Creative Expression
Photo of Lichtenstein's Modern Head sculpture on Ohio State's Columbus campus
Sep 13, 2019

Modern Head sculpture dedicated on Ohio State campus

A gleaming display of brushed stainless steel, the 31-foot-high "Modern Head" statue towers over the public walkways of the North Academic Corridor at The Ohio State University.
Research and Creative Expression

Strategic plan resources

Our ambitions are bold because that is the Ohio State way. Our responsibility is great because families in Ohio and beyond require us to be the very best we can be. Our future is bright because we are Buckeyes — and we have 150 years of excellence to help light the way.

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