Access, Affordability and Excellence

Time and Change Strategic Plan

What is our aspiration?

Ohio State will further our position as a leading public university offering an excellent, affordable education and promoting economic diversity.

Why is this important?

Providing inclusive access and an excellent and affordable education is core to our mission as a public land-grant university. Since 2000, tuition costs per student at public institutions have increased by 64 percent. The average debt for graduates of four-year universities has nearly doubled since 2004, with more than two-thirds of students graduating with some level of debt.

Ohio State has an opportunity to implement and scale innovative strategies to create more pathways to college for more students through our leadership and participation in the national dialogue on higher education.


  • Be a leader among public universities in enrollment of talented low- and moderate-income students
  • Achieve excellence by improving first-year retention and four-year graduation rates with a focus on bridging the gap in performance between underrepresented populations and the overall student body, across the Columbus and regional campuses
  • Improve affordability and reduce indebtedness through a new financial aid policy for all low- and moderate-income in-state students on the Columbus campus and additional scholarships for highly talented low-income students

Strategic plan resources

Our ambitions are bold because that is the Ohio State way. Our responsibility is great because families in Ohio and beyond require us to be the very best we can be. Our future is bright because we are Buckeyes — and we have 150 years of excellence to help light the way.