Staff Directory

Photo of Bricker Hall on Ohio State's Columbus campus

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205 Bricker Hall 
190 North Oval Mall 
Columbus, OH 43210


Lynette Arner
Executive Assistant

Hannah Bechtold
Director of Administration and Operations

JR Blackburn
Chief of Staff

Lynnette Burks
Executive Assistant

Scott Holbert
Presidential Aide

Carolyn Speicher
Events and Residence Manager

Jaclyn Waggoner
Coordinator of Planning and Scheduling

Kyle Williams
Correspondence and Operations Coordinator

Commencement and Special Events

1060 Blankenship Hall 
901 Woody Hayes Drive 
Columbus, OH 43210


Scott Grimsley
Program Manager

Katie Schwegman
Program Coordinator

Jake Snoble
Senior Manager

Camaren Williams
Office Associate/Fiscal Assistant