Ohio State’s Strategic Plan

Time and Change

Enable, Empower and Inspire



Time and Change:
The Strategic Plan for The Ohio State University

When Ohio State is at its best, we make a real difference in people’s lives. The Time and Change strategic plan sets forth the next steps of what it means to be a flagship public research university in the 21st century.

Creating Opportunities for Students

Land Grant Opportunity Scholar Makayla Davis has found her community at Ohio State.

Academic and Student Experience

Prof. Arnab Nandi, student Ginette Rhodes and alumna and Rhodes Scholar Layla Ujayli share the impact of their Ohio State experiences.

Why Faculty choose Ohio State

Prof. Norah Zuniga Shaw, Dr. Rama Mallampalli and Prof. Rafael Jimenez-Flores talk about the collegial communities Ohio State has empowered them to create.

Ohio State sees scientists as “beacons of truth”

Prof. Rafael Jimenez-Flores says Ohio State gives research scientists the resources needed to study how to make food safe and plentiful worldwide.