The following email was sent to university students, faculty and staff on February 2, 2019.

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

I write to provide an update related to the conduct of former university employee Dr. Richard Strauss. 

The independent investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Strauss, a physician employed by the university from the mid-1970s to the 1990s, is reaching its concluding phase. Strauss died in 2005. 

Yesterday, we announced that Ohio State will cover the cost of professionally certified counseling services needed by our former students as a result of Dr. Strauss' conduct during their time at Ohio State. 

A letter was sent confidentially to former students who were interviewed by the independent investigator. Additionally, a letter was shared with alumni who attended Ohio State at the time of Strauss' employment, and contains details about the counseling services. 

The independent investigation is of the highest priority for the university. Its purpose is to uncover what happened and determine what the university and its leaders at the time knew. Upon completion of the investigation, the university will address the past and continue to take action to support a better and safer future. Taking this step to provide support resources is one part of that process.

Michael V. Drake, MD