Faculty and Staff Appreciation Guidance

The following guidance, issued on October 24, 2019, applies to all university faculty and staff.

Purpose of this Guidance

To establish and maintain consistent and equitable standards in the expenditure of funds for employee appreciation.


Financial Accounting Assertions

  1. Colleges/VP units can spend up to $75 per employee per calendar year on employee appreciation and holiday events.
  2. Leaders have discretion regarding how money is distributed throughout their area. Attention should be paid to the same employees attending multiple appreciation or holiday events and/or any real or perceived inequity amongst employees (e.g., staff or faculty are recognized with an on-campus reception while leaders have dinner at an off-site restaurant).
  3. Partners, spouses, guests, etc. of employees can be included in events (e.g., holiday dinner for couples, picnic for families) but the overall budget does not change. See the Expenditures policy.
    • Units can count only university employees in the annual allowable budget for these events.
    • Guest expenses must be drawn from this budget as well.
  4. Included in the $75 per employee annual limit are:
    • Beverages
    • Decorations
    • Entertainment/musicians/etc.
    • Food
    • Games (rentals, pop-ups, etc.)
    • Gifts of any kind (including gift cards)
    • Giveaways
  5. Not included in the $75 annual limit are:
    • Chair rental
    • Space rental
    • Table and linen rental
    • Other items needed for the setup of an event
  6. All applicable tax rules must be followed if giving gifts to employees. See the Expenditures and University-provided Clothing and Uniforms policies.
  7. University requirements regarding the use of alcohol at events for faculty and staff must be followed. See the Expenditures policy.
  8. See the Reward and Recognition policy.


Contact Information

For guidance questions, contact the Office of the President at (614) 292-2424.

For questions regarding the use of alcohol at events, contact the Office of Business and Finance at (614) 292-7970.

For questions about the Expenditures policy, contact the Office of the Controller at (614) 292-6220.

For questions pertaining to tax rules, contact the Department of Tax Compliance at (614) 292-0355.



Issued: October 24, 2019