President’s and Provost’s Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The President’s and Provost’s Advisory Committee (PPAC) consists of faculty at The Ohio State University who hold the position of Ohio Eminent Scholar or University Distinguished Professor. The PPAC has a threefold mission:

  1. To promote excellence in research and other scholarly activities at The Ohio State University;
  2. To support efforts by the OSU administration, faculty, and staff to improve the quality and reputation of the University;
  3. To promote experimentation with changes that could enhance the functioning of the University in its missions of teaching, research, and service.

The PPAC carries out this mission through participating in activities that contribute its collective expertise to University-wide issues. Activities that support this mission include:

  • review of draft documents that may have important impact on research and other scholarly activities;
  • meetings with high-level administrators;
  • monitoring of major change efforts at the University;
  • service by PPAC members on key task forces and committees;
  • preparation of white papers on issues of importance to the University

Current Members

Charles M. Atkinson
Gregory R. Baker
Michael G. Bevis
Bharat Bhushan
Clara Derber Bloomfield
Gregory A. Caldeira
Albert de la Chapelle
Malcolm Chisholm
Ruth Colker
Kevin R. Cox
Carlo M. Croce
Jennifer Crocker
Frank C. De Lucia
David L. Denlinger
Richard Dick
Joshua Dressler
Prabir Dutta
Lian-Shih Fan
Hamish Fraser
Avner Friedman
Fritz Graf
Harvey J. Graff
Ann Hamilton
P. Christopher Hammel
Joseph P. Heremans
Robert Holub
Brian D. Joseph
Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser
Christopher S. Kochanek
Rattan Lal
Noel Mayo
Karin Musier-Forsyth
Randy J. Nelson
Stephen Osmani
Geoffrey Parker
Michael Paulaitis
Richard E. Petty
James P. Phelan
Yasuko Rikihisa
Linda Saif
Frank Schwartz
Richard Steckel
F. Robert Tabita
Julian Thayer
Ellen Mosley Thompson
Lonnie G. Thompson
John W. Wilkins
Vicki Wysocki

Emeritus Members

Bunny Clark
David O. Edwards
Arthur J. Epstein
Harvey Friedman
Susan L. Huntington
George F. Martin, Jr.
Terry A. Miller
Leo A. Paquette
Robert Rapp
George R. St. Pierre
J. Robert Warmbrod