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A Time of Passage

May 5, 2013, was an extraordinary day in the life of The Ohio State University. Campus became a sea of mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, children and spouses. Together, they gathered to take part in the culmination of their graduate’s accomplishments at Ohio State. Read more

The Spark Lighting the Way

Intellectual curiosity drove Einstein to some of the world's most important discoveries. So where has curiosity led us at Ohio State? There is no higher calling, and we are proud to devote our lives to it. Read more

The Right Move for Students

Our actions should speak louder than our words. The decision to propose a tuition freeze was by no means an easy decision, nor was it one made lightly. But for students struggling to shoulder the financial burden of college, I strongly believed that we needed to do it. Read more

A Grand Occasion

On May 5, Ohio State will host its 403rd Commencement, a day to honor our exceptional graduates and welcome their families. Read more

A Forward Legacy

As you know, the spirit of Woody Hayes burns bright at Ohio State. Never more so than this week, when he would have celebrated his 100th birthday and the University community is celebrating the legacy and impact of Anne and Woody Hayes. Read more

1,144,592 Hours

On the weekend of February 8-9, hundreds of Ohio State students will literally be dancing the night away in the ballroom of our student union. Read more


Last Friday, I invited colleagues, students, and friends from around the nation to join me in a Twitter conversation on the future of higher education. Read more

The Research University: Too Vital to Fail

I am not a scientist. I have never analyzed the far reaches of the solar system through the lens of a telescope nor scrutinized cancer cells under a microscope. But having led universities for 32 years, I have seen firsthand the power of research and human ingenunity to transform lives. Read more


The sun shines all too infrequently in Ohio during the month of November, but I have been blessed with abundant sunshine since November 5, when my daughter Rebekah gave birth to twin daughters, Elizabeth and Eva. Read more

Buckeye Spirit

I call on our students, in all they do, to foster and respect the rich diversity that makes our University great. That is the true Buckeye Spirit. Read more

A Vote for Civility and Common Purpose

This year, in the contentious battleground of Ohio, presidential candidates have fought a turf war for the love and support of Ohioans. At The Ohio State University, our campus has been at the center of attention. Read more

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Our University's ability to garner private support will enable us to secure educational opportunities for future generations, to cure disease, and to meet the enormous challenges we face as a global society. Read more

Of Leibovitz and Lear

On a bright winter day last February, I had the pleasure of hosting Annie Leibovitz in my office at Ohio State. Here was the most iconic photographer of our time, wearing her signature black ensemble. I must admit I was a little awestruck. But she put me at ease with her demure warmth and good humor. Read more

The Promise of American Higher Education

While many debate the value of a college degree, the reality is clear: It is more important than ever to possess the knowledge and skills acquired on a college campus. Read more

Notes from the Road: My Summer State Tour of Ohio

For our students, the first weeks of Autumn Semester are all about the summer stories. Journeys traveled, internships completed, friendships formed, wisdom gained, and lessons learned. Read more

A Marvelous Balance

Earlier this month, 12 Ohio State athletes competed at the Summer Games in London. These students – from Ohio and California to Honduras and Bulgaria – joined more than 10,000 athletes of nearly every creed, country, and culture. Read more

Innovation and Invention

It has been more than a century since Thomas Edison patented his designs for the phonograph and the incandescent electric light bulb, and his impact on our lives cannot be fully measured. Read more

The Power of Social Media

The power of social media is undeniable. Through Twitter and Facebook, I reach out in new ways to our 65,000 students, 42,000 faculty and staff, and 500,000 alumni—along with the University's many friends and partners in Ohio and beyond. Read more

A Momentous Day for Ohio State: #OSU10000

Yesterday I invited graduates to share what Ohio State means to them through social media. Here is their story. Read more

Call for public conversation on higher education's future

Expensive. Time-consuming. Unnecessary. The criticisms of a college education often ring more loudly in the media than the incalculable benefits. For too long, these warning signs have been ignored. But now is a truth-serum moment. Cost and access are major national challenges that we must address. Read more

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