Michael V. Drake, MD

Michael V. Drake

A Commitment to Academic Freedom


Dear Faculty, Students and Staff:

In conversations with many of you over the past days, a recurring theme of uncertainty has surfaced. I want to reiterate that we value the range of perspectives and opinions represented across our campus — and we will continue to share information that affects our university community.

Last weekend, we faced uncertainty in real time following a policy change that restricts individuals from entering the United States. We worked in partnership with elected officials from both sides of the aisle to obtain the release of a student's wife detained at a New York airport, and we remain committed to helping any member of our community who may be impacted or requires assistance. As a reminder, resources are available through our Office of International Affairs, Office of Student Life's Counseling and Consultation Service and the Student Advocacy Center.

Ohio State is a member of a number of higher education associations across the country to sign a joint letter to Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly on the chilling effect this policy could have on research and scholarship at our nation's colleges and universities. We also are actively monitoring any developments that could further diminish our academic and research mission.

I want to make clear that we are steadfast in our commitment to academic freedom, the rights and well-being of all members of our university community and our resolute support of artistic expression and scientific exploration.

At our core, that is who we are and how we make a difference.

For nearly 150 years and through seasons of time and change, Ohio State has embodied its motto of "Education for Citizenship," as an institution of teaching, learning and discovery that uplifts society. We will continue to rely on these core values and principles to guide us forward and illuminate our future.


Michael V. Drake, MD