COVID-19 Updates

Nov 19, 2020

Additional action steps to battle COVID-19

Surging cases of COVID-19 across Ohio have prompted a statewide curfew, a stay-at-home advisory in the Columbus area, and the declaration that Franklin County has gone purple — reflecting “severe” exposure and spread of the virus. This is a moment for every Buckeye to help turn the tide. To that end, the university is implementing several additional action steps.
Image of the seal on the oval specifically designed for social sharing
Nov 15, 2020

Campus departure plans for the winter break

I am writing to you this Sunday to express both my appreciation for your efforts and support, and to share our campus-departure guidelines for the winter break. We provide these plans to help you return home safely and not spread the virus to your home communities, family and friends.
Nov 13, 2020

Critical moment in the battle against COVID-19

Please do all you can to fight the spread of COVID-19. Do it for yourself, your family, friends and the community. Lives are at stake. I know this is hard. As the pandemic drags on, we are all tired and yearning to be done with these restrictions. But we must continue our vigilance. One day — hopefully soon — this will be behind us, and we will be back to doing all the things we love, Together As Buckeyes.